As some of you may already know, we have some exciting updates made to our hannahpads! 


We have a collection of entirely new patterns
9 new patterns replaced most of our existing ones, with 5 original patterns staying.
Here's a look at our new patterns!


Welcome to our newest size, LONGLINER :)
We received so many requests to make a longer pantyliner and so here it is! 
Longliners have the same thickness as our original Pantyliners, but in the size of our original Medium Pads. Awesome, eh?


Our Pantyliners and Small Pads have updated their shapes. The ends and wings are now slightly slimmer to minimize bunching up and shifting. Not to worry though as the coverage area is almost the same.


Non-Slip Silicone Backing!
There are now flower shaped non-slip silicone backing on all of our pads from sizes Pantyliner to Medium Pad to help minimize shifting. There were many feedback regarding shifting and we thought of ways to help the issue, and here it is! Hope you are excited as we are!


The wings on Overnight, Ultra Overnight & Super Ultra Overnights have shifted down very slightly to allow for more length in the front. 

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