3 Reasons Why Hannahpads Are 'Beige' In Color

May 26, 2017

Question: Why do you only offer 'white' cloth pads? Do you have black or dark colored ones?

hannahpads are neither black nor white. They are "beige", the natural color of cotton. 

Many people ask this question in fear of staining and we do understand the concern and reasoning behind it. Nevertheless, it's actually better to keep it the way it is.

First of all, our hannahpads are NOT white: it's actually "beige". Our certified organic cotton that sits against your skin is beige because it's in its most natural form. No dyes, no bleach, nothing. 

Here are 3 Reasons why we don't color our hannahpads.

1. For Your Health
The reason we started this whole business is to promote a healthier lifestyle for you. When cloth pads are sitting against your skin for hours, you absolutely do not want any harmful chemicals or toxins in them that may cause irritation or worse, damage your health in the long run. This is our utmost and by far the most important reason why we keep it the way it is. 

No toxins. No bleach. No dyes. Just cotton.

Cloth pads that have colored or patterned layer touch your skin have been treated with chemicals or dyes in the production of their fabric. You have to realize that many of these dyes are toxic and because the vagina is one of the most sensitive and absorbent part of your body, it is potentially harmful to be exposed to them on a regular basis. 

What about those with natural dyes? Although they may not be toxic, they could still contain elements that could act as an irritant for some people. So, in order to prevent any skin issues and ensure that you (looking for a healthier alternative to your menstruation, postpartum, and/or light bladder leaking management) are able to make the switch to cloth pads, make sure to consider those with absolutely no dyes or chemicals in the fabric, like our hannahpads. 

Even all of the absorption layers are natural cotton. Now filled with certified organic cotton too.

2. For The Environment
The next biggest issue on our minds is the environment. We want our hannahpads to be the one of the most natural menstrual products out on the market by using 100% certified organic cotton. Our certified organic cotton used is chemical-free (no dioxin, no formaldehyde), fragrance-free, unbleached and non-dyed to maintain the purest form of the cotton fabric. 

The small black specks that you see on the pads are cotton seeds. The visual proof of how natural hannahpads really are. 

How do you know that it's really that pure? Look closely at our pads and you'll see tiny black specks of cotton seeds left in during the production of the weave. And what's even better is that the cotton layers are compostable and biodegradable after 12 months. 

What about other pads? Those made from various materials that may have been treated with bleach and coloring contain acids that are not so friendly for the environment. As a result, they will eventually end up in landfill. 

3. To Help Understand Your Body
Many of our customers already asked for colored hannahpads for staining issues. But do you know that there are stains on those dark colored pads too? It's just masked by the coloring and honestly, it isn't any easier to wash out the stain than hannahpads. Due to the natural nature of our organic cotton, light staining comes with repeated use of the pads and would certainly be the same of colored pads too. You just don't see them. That's all. 

Keeping the inner layers beige is what we believe in. 

So, rather not see the stain than to see it? But why? Observing your discharge is another way to understand your health and your body. The color and consistency of your flow and discharge says a lot which can differ monthly (or even daily) due to various factors, such as stress levels, hormones, etc. Therefore, if you notice something out of the ordinary, you should contact a health professional immediately. 

Light staining is normal over period of use. It's still perfectly clean!

Staining is just an aesthetics issue. As posted previously on Eisa's 3-4 years old hannahpads, it is obvious that light staining will appear after use. Nevertheless, if the pads are washed correctly and cared for, they are completely clean each time you what and store them away for the next use. If staining is a large concern for you, there are options like Sodium Percarbonate which is an oxygen bleach that will remove stains while also disinfecting your pads as it works like an antibacterial. You can also try Sodium Sesquicarbonate, which is known for its gentleness and used in baby laundry products. Both options have less environmental impact.

Healthy You, Happy Planet🌿
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