"Hi there- I used my hannanpads this month for the first time- I was totally amazed at how awesome they are! I've recently had a baby and while using cloth nappies for him decided that I also wanted to do my bit for the environment too and with also still breastfeeding- I'm very conscious of what products I use and foods I eat. I'm 100 percent delighted with your product, they are practical and stylish and would recommend them and will recommend them to all the woman I know- thank you for producing a healthy and very usable product- Well done Hannahpad!"

Laura J Mackie


"I used to use Japanese organic cotton pads. But I fell in love with Hannahpad's design n variety of sizes. Once I used it I fell in love more coz the feeling of pads was amazingly smooth. Also absorbing power was stronger n it's much slimmer/thinner than Japanese one. So I can wear anything I want during my periods. As well as Hannahpad has water proof fabric at the bottom so no need to worry about leaking. On the other hand after you wash, you have to dry it properly. I recommend to use laundry machine to spin. But not to dry to use dryer. And of course it is easy to use n carry as chemical pads. I'm really happy to meet Hannahpad!!!!"

Reiko Yasuda


"Absolutely super impressed with their products and so delighted by how they were packaged upon delivery. Certainly looks like a lot of thought and generosity has gone into this business.
Hannahpads are super comfortable and breathable and I love the cute designs. As a Muslim it is very important for when we pray our five daily prayers for us to be especially clean and these hannahpads liners really help keep me fresh for every prayer. And I love that they are environmentally friendly so I'm not wasting liner after liner anymore.
These are definitely a great product. I've heard a lot of woman complain about discomfort from disposable liners, this is a fantastic and healthier alternative because the cotton allows you to breath and you don't have nasty chemicals (such as the adhesive in the liner/pad) close to your skin."

Ayesha Bint Hendrick


"Why did I not get onto this product sooner?! No longer does it feel like plastic, rough and uncomfortable or like you are wearing a huge pad. The Hannahpad product is so comfortable, easy to use and change. It doesn't smell (unlike the disposable products) and is easy to clean. Thank you!!!"

Koren Cueto


"Great product! I suffered from irritation and allergic reactions to using Always, Carefree and other supermarket products. After using hannahpad I found I had absolutely no irritation or reaction at all and the pads are extremely comfortable to wear. The only issue I had was changing from throw away pads to washable ones. Though it was not a hard sacrifice, as I knew it was better for my body and my health."

Rita Raad Lutchmun


"Just received my first started pack for Hannahpad today. Super cute design. Very excited and tried it, feels very comfortable and can't wait to use it !"

Yin Chelle


"I received my order a few days ago! Must say that I am extremely impressed with their softness, smoothness, absorbency, ease of cleaning, and most of all no more irritation! I love these pads, just wish I came across these years ago!"

Karen Thorne