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One Week Set

$205.99 $203.99

Small/Medium/Overnight/Ultra Overnight:
A. Classy Cat Blue / Flower Garden Pink / Hannah Gray / Koala
B. Edelweiss Ivory / Shiny Pink / Antique Indigo / Puppy
    • One Week Set: It is a recommended set for those who have 1 week menstrual cycle. Contains two Ultra Overnight size pads. Suitable for medium flow. Reusable for 2 years, longer with personal care and use.    
      Certified Organic Cotton: Our organic hannah cloth pads are certified by Control Union.
      Unbleached & Undyed: No harmful chemicals in the fabrics.
      Leak Proof & Breathable: Inside coating is made of high quality TPU which allows air to flow through while resisting water.
      High Quality Snaps: High quality plastic snaps that minimize allergic reaction & are 100% recyclable.
    • Non-Slip: Non-Slip silicone backing to minimize shifting!
      *** Non-Slip feature on 5 sizes: Pantyliner, Long Liner, Small, Medium

      Set comes with:
      03 - small   |   03 - medium   |   03 - overnight   |    02-ultra overnight


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